Occlusal  splintsOcclusal splints or splints are temporary restorations made of specific plastic materials of different thickness, shape and firmness. They can cover teeth partially or fully depending on indications, and after the intervention they are thrown away or  new ones are made.

Occlusal splints can be used in the following situations:

Retention splints  after a certain treatment of teeth movement, retention splints are done in order to strengthen and maintain the position of teeth or move teeth to a certain position.

Splints for bruxism or (night guard) are produced in cases with patients who have problems with  teeth clenching and grinding ocurring most commonly unconsciously while sleeping. Their task is to reduce pressure and abrasion  on teeth.

Splints for athletes or (mouthguard) are most commonly used as guards to relieve punches and injuries ocurring in contact sports, they cover the whole surface of teeth and partially gums in order to cover as much as possible. They are made of specific sort of rubber material resistant to bending helping to mitigate punches and keep teeth together.  

Splints for teeth whitening (whitening foils) cover the whole surface of teeth at front or (vestibular) surface of teeth , have small spaces where a patient puts whitening acid. This whitening method is called home whitening because patients decide how much they will whiten their teeth. 

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