Fear of the dentist

Get rid of the unfounded fear of the dentist!

A large number of people are afraid of dentists, that is, of dental treatment, but the vast majority of them actually does not know the exact reason for that. Sometimes they do not have any arguments when responding to this "taboo" subject. The reason for this are prejudices about painful dental experiences...
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Healthy teeth

Take care of your teeth if you want to be healthy!

Maintaining healthy teeth is important not only for preventing a toothache but also for protecting other organs from the harmful consequences that teeth decay may have. Dentists warn that bad toot can be compared to the time bomb that scatters bacteria throughout the body and spread disease...
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Smile on credit

Do you want your new perfect smile on credit? Why not...?

The time in which we live and the circumstances that put temptation and challenges in our way, make us aware that it is very difficult to afford any kind of additional satisfaction. Beautifying and highlighting some natural values ​​that all of us have (but they can fade by aging or due to our lifestyle), are considered as a luxury that "can wait"...
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Vampire treatment

PRF growth factors - Vampire treatment

Women always tend to look fresh, neat and nice. Women are more aware of the fact that nowadays a pleasant appearance opens many doors, both in the private and business life. When a woman is satisfied with herself and her appearance somehow everything goes smoothly for her...
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