CAD /CAM technologyCAD /CAM technologyCAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing in Dentistry) e.g computerized production and design. It inclueds a specific and sophisticated production method of dental restorations.  With state-of-the-art computer technology by scanning a model or jaw in digital form 3D model is obtained where with modelling sofware and dental design virtually model dental restorations and afterwards with computers by mechanical milling of ceramic blocks.

This new CAD /CAM technology introduced new standards in dental restorations production, as well as new ceramic materials considerably improved and better than previous materials used in classic manual production of dental restorations. Applying this technology we have opportunity to make teeth of pure ceramics or ceramics enhanced with zirconium oxide basis, meaning we can make bridges of large ranges.


CAD /CAM technologyWhat is important for patients is that a production procedure for metal-free crowns and bridges is standard after grinding teeth, dental print is taken and then sent to a lab where jaw models are precisely scanned and metal-free constructions are made on which a layer of top aesthetic ceramics is applied in desired colour.

Using this method we can make crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays of various colours from standard teeth to strong white teeth with natural warm look and transparency.

We can also make crowns and bridges on placed implants which represents a highest quality in today’s dental rehabilitation.

Materials that we use for production are bioinert and clinically tested, of high quality of world-renowned manufacturers Vita –ZahanfabrikIvoclar-Vivadent.

Time needed for production of dental restorations is 2 to 5 days depending on the size of restoration.

All restorations are done in lab conditions which significantly has an impact on easthetics and accuracy of dental restorations.

It is known that more and more people are falling ill from various types of allergies, it is important to know that our present modern dentistry offers a solution to the non-metal based on the application of new materials in the development of metal-free ceramic solutions that are significantly better than with conventional metal bases.

In addition to superior aesthetics important to mention health aspect because the body does not bring metals that can adversely affect the body releasing negative ions over painting of the gums of the teeth.








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