Ceramic veneersCeramic veneers or veneers are thin ceramic flakes from 0.2 to 0,7 mm thick, which are permanently built-in on the front tooth surface.

As one of the high quality aesthetic solutions they do not require great removal of dental substances which today makes their application very popular.

State-of-the-art dental practice has considerably expanded its application, first af all thanks to constant improvement of ceramic materials and method of building-in veneers. It espacially refers to restorations with veneers not only in frontal region, but side too.


Indications for (e.g in what situations) doing porcelain veneers:

• If you are not happy with the existing colour of your natural teeth, and have tetracycline painted teeth, fluorosis or endodontic colouring which can not be corrected using whitening methods,
• correction of teeth shape and position when teeth are rotated and have no proper form,
• diastema closure (space between teeth),
• restorations of coronal parts in case of dental fracture,
• bite correction,
• correction of enamel loss,
• if you are not happy with the shape of your teeth.

Should you have any of the mentioned indications, dental veneers can be an appropriate solution for your future smile.


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