Children’s  dentistryChildren’s dentistry represents a special approach and work with children so the children overcome fears, gain confidence in their dentist and later make the intervention easier.

Children’s dentistry involves cooperation with parents and getting to know a child, gaining confidence, education of children, plus dental care and gradual method of introducing a treatment.

First visit of children to the dentist

First visit to the dentist is of a great significance. It is reccommendable to make an appointment for the first visit at the latest when a child turns one.  Having in mind that children when visiting a dentist usually have milk teeth, this visit is mostly appointed in order to educate parents how to maintain dental health of their children. The most important reason for a visit is prevention of caries in early childhood (milk teeth caries).

Caries in early childhood (milk teeth caries) can be caused by consumption food from a bottle while sleeping or at night, as well as continuing breastfeeding. It occurs when liquids containing carbohydrates stay in the mouth for a long period of time.

The sooner they visit a dentist, the less chance they have to have dental problems. Also, your child in early childhood will acquire good habits regard to oral hygiene.

Make a first appointment, examinations and consultations are for free.

What parents should usually pay attention to:

Milk teeth growth

Milk teeth growth usually happens between 6 months and 3 years. During the growth of primary (milk) teeth, gums can be swollen and inflamed. In that case it is reccommendable you seek for dentist’s advice.

Milk teeth caries

Milk teeth caries usually ocurr very early, most commonly as a consequence of bad habbits, inadequate nutrition and  non-education of parents on the significance of milk teeth and possibilities to perserve their health. Caries usually affect a large number of milk teeth and it spreads very quickly. Complications of milk teeth caries are quite common.
Seek for dentist’s advice about prevention, regular and proper hygiene, changing bad habbits in nutrition and teeth protection procedures. This way you will maintain dental health of your child and prevent various complications and anomalies that can ocurr.
We advise 3-month or 6-month examinations at the dentist’s.

Growth of permanent teeth and prevention of caries

First permanent teeth grow between 6- and 7 years and most commonly they are the first permanent molars.  In failure of proper oral hygiene, the first permanent molars easily get affected by the carious process. For this reason, frequent examinations are necessary in this period. In perevention of caries on permanent teeth,  fissure and pits watering is implemented.  It is best to perform this preventive procedure  immediately after the growth of teeth or no later than 6 months after that.  Fissure watering is a completely painless intervention that lasts for a few minutes.

Teeth cleaning

Children’s teeth should be cleaned using a (soft) toothbrush and water. Children’s toothpaste witho na dded fluor can be used until the age of 2 or 3 years. Toothpaste with fluor is not recommendable until your child learns how to spit, when there is no danger of swallowing a toothpaste.

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