Lasers and laser technologyLasers and laser technology are today used in numerous dental indications (tooth reparation, aesthetics, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery and other). Laser effect primarily provides painless intervention, but less invasive surgery without blood, as well as minimum postoperative complications. Using lasers, diagnosis of caries is more efficient, and removal of healthy dental tissue during interventions is reduced to a minimum

Lasers are quite effective in treatment of all types of infections. Laser ray itself is bactericidal, therefore fillings placed after lasers are long-lasting. In surgical intreventions with lasers, healing time is shorter, scareless and bloodless, and sewing often is not necessary.

In aesthetic dentistry, laser is used in tooth whitening procedure. In laser tooth whitening, intervention time is significantly reduced. Treatment is carried out only in one session, and tooth sensitivity is reduced and completely absent. Tooth whitening effects are much better compared to other methods.

Laser method is completely safe for dental structure and patient's health. For using lasers, range of indications is wide, and number of contraindications is reduced to a minumum.

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