Dental tourism

Dental  tourismDental tourism, as one of the health tourism branches, enables individuals to travel to a certain country and for a short period of time are provided favourable, high quality service.  The reason why people acroos the worl  increasingly choose this type of tourism is first of all favourable price of dental services.

In Serbia dental service rates can be up to 70% lower in comparison to other European countries.  Patients use this trip as a kind of holiday where nice and helpful are combined.

Beo Smile Design within dental toursim programme offer free accommodation in the city centre, 20m away from the Slavija Square.

The accommodation is nearby all important cultural and hystorical monuments, so in between interventions, you can use your free time usefully to explore the city.

We provide free transport to and from the airport.

During your time in Belgrade,  all team members are available to you, they will provide you with all necesarry information. If you would like to explore the city more thoroughly, in cooperation with Tourism Organisation of Serbia  we will engage the best and the most favourable guides.

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