Podmlađivanje krvnom plazmom

PRF growth factors (vampire treatment)

Which parts of the body can be treated?
• A face in full, or individual zone (Forehead wrinkles, Glabella, Dark cicles around the eyes, Crow's feet, Wrinkles under eyelids, Cheekbone definition, Nasolabial wrinkles, Lip contour, Lip volume, Puppets, Correction of chin wrinkles, Vertical wrinkles around the lips)
• Neck
• Gross of the head
• Skars

How long is the treatment?
Between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the treated region.

Medical and aesthetic use of PRF
• Tightening the face and neck
• Refreshing and rejuvenating the skin
• Stimulation of hair growth
• Removing scars
• Removal of dark circles around the eyes

How many treatments are necessary?
Depending on changes in the region and it is necessary to do 3-6 treatments. There is no limit in the number of repeated treatments.

What results to expect from the PRF treatment?
• Improved texture and skin tone
• Recovery and production of new collagen
• Hair growth

PRF side effects PRF

Possible swelling and redness in the next 12 hours.

Aesthetic face corrections

Keeping up with global trends, in our clinic we offer aesthetic face correction:  using PRF methods, meaning that we use exclusively patient’s blood in order to compensate lip volume without application of  hyaluronic acid which reprsents a revolution in anti-aging methods.

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