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We are located at the very centre of the city and equiped with state-of-the-art technoligy in the field of dentistry. We bring together dentists working in very specilaized segments in healing treatments and making of dental restorations.

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Preventive dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, dental prosthetics, children's dentistry, making of titanium dentures, are just some of the services we provide.

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Dental tourism

Dental tourism, as one of the branches of health tourism, enables individuals to travel to a certain country and for a short period of time have favourable and high quality dental services provided.

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Beo Smile Design offers a professional service of placing implants at favourable prices. Guaranty for placed implants is 10 years. A patient gets a certificate from the manufacturer as an official quality certification.

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TREATMENT PLAN – Send us your data and digital orthopan

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Beo Smile Design

Fear of the dentist

Get rid of the unfounded fear of the dentist!

A large number of people are afraid of dentists, that is, of dental treatment, but the vast majority of them actually does not know the exact reason for that. Sometimes they do not have any arguments when responding to this "taboo" subject.
The reason for this are prejudices about painful dental experiences...

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Healthy teeth

Take care of your teeth if you want to be healthy!

Maintaining healthy teeth is important not only for preventing a toothache but also for protecting other organs from the harmful consequences that teeth decay may have. Dentists warn that bad toot can be compared to the time bomb that scatters bacteria throughout the body and spread disease...

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Smile on credit

Do you want your new perfect smile on credit? Why not...?

The time in which we live and the circumstances that put temptation and challenges in our way, make us aware that it is very difficult to afford any kind of additional satisfaction. Beautifying and highlighting some natural values ​​that all of us have, are considered as a luxury that "can wait"...

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Vampire treatment

PRF growth factors - Vampire treatment

Women always tend to look fresh, neat and nice. Women are more aware of the fact that nowadays a pleasant appearance opens many doors, both in the private and business life.
When a woman is satisfied with herself and her appearance somehow everything goes smoothly for her...

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Why choose us

Why choose us

Selection of a dentist you can trust can be frustrating. Our experience says that a large number of patients choose their dentist remaining deprived from responses to lots of questions regard to treatments and techniques.

There are lots of dental clinics providing dental services, but why  choose us? We created a page for you where you can find frequently asked questions of patients deciding to have dental services provided abroad. If you wish to find out more, or have a specific question, you can contact us any time.We will respond to your request as soon as possible and fix all your doubts and explain  treatments and procedures we provide in our clinic.

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  • I came to Belgrade like tourist. In the meantime, while I was in Belgrade, on a friends suggestion, I decided to do a set of ceramic crowns in the upper jaw and to whiten remaining teeth. I'm very pleased with the service and my new teeth.

    Mihael - Austria
  • I was waring complete dentures for three years but I was not satisfied with their function. After the examination and consultation with a surgeon I decided to get dental implants. Now I have a much better feeling in the mouth, I laugh, chew as with my real teeth. I would recommend dental implants to everyone.

    Dragomir - Serbia
  • I wanted to get an dental implants. I come from Switzerland and dental services in my country are significantly more expensive than in Serbia. I decided to do an intervention in Belgrade. On the recommendation of my colleagues, I decided to make an appointment. I am very happy with the result and the treatment I had in the office. Very good job!

    Manfred - Switzerland

Become an agent

Agent for services of dental tourism

Become an agent for services of dental tourism. Recommend us to your friends and family.

For more information send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.


Health insurance

All users who have included health insurance UNIQA or Wiener Stadtische we offer 10% discount on all services .


Guaranty for placed implants

Guaranty for placed implants is 10 years.
A patient gets a certificate from the manufacturer as an official high quality certification for placed implants.

Air transport

Air transport

Book your appointment now and travel at favourable air fright rates safely and fast worlwide.

Welcome to Serbia, welcome to Belgrade, welcome to Beo Smile Design

Come and see why Sara and Nikola have trust in our work.

BSD logoWe are highly honoured that among our patients we have two great personalities such as Sara Stojanovic, Miss Tourism of Serbia and Nikola Mandic, a professional dancer, winner of the National Championship in Latin and standard dances for 15 times and finalist of many international competitions.

Beo Smile Design takes care of their smiles, and by mutual forces, creative projects, educational workshops and promotional campaigns we fight to put the smile back on your face.

Do you laugh enough? Do you have healthy teeth? Call us and make an appointment. Dental examination is free of charge.

ome and see why Sara and Nikola have trust in our work.




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