Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures (metal braces)

Fixed denturesMetal bracesFixed denture or fixed orthodontic appliance is fixed to the teeth. Placement of fixed denture requires completely treated teeth and soft tissues and lasts for 2 hours. Examinations are at first on a monthly basis, later every second or third month, depending on the case.

Average treatment last for a year and a half, depending on the severity of the case. Upon the removal of fixed appliances, a ptient should carry retention foils to maintain the results. Retention foils are at first examined every month, and later every second or third month, even rarer.




Fixed dentures (ceramic braces- aesthetic fixed appliance)

Fixed  denturesCeramic bracesCeramic braces fall into aesthetic brace category which can be used instead of classic metal , they are less visible and more easily acceptable to the enviroment of a patient.






Active appliance (mobile appliance)

Active  applianceActive appliances are mobile appliances for correction of orthodontic irregularities in children with mixed dentition – e.g. in school children, for successful treatment cooperation between patients and parents is needed, having in mind that a patient (child) puts on and takes the appliance off.  Examinatios are on a monthly basis.






Teeth correction using foils

It is known that more and more people are falling ill from various types of allergies, it is important to know that our present modern dentistry offers a solution to the non-metal based on the application of new materials in the development of metal-free ceramic solutions that are significantly better than with conventional metal bases. Benefits of dental foil correction are that you can remove the foil and return it any time if you don’t want to have fixed orthodontic appliance with braces.




Lingval fixed appliance

Lingval  fixed applianceLingval orthodontics means teeth correction with the help of fixed appliance sticked to the inner side of the teeth.






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