Removal of dental tartar

Removal of dental tartarRemoval of dental tartar is a procedure used to remove tartar from the tooth surface created due to poor oral hygiene or the composition of saliva secreted in the mouth. Usually, tartar is created on the front and side teeth and therefore it blocks interdental spaces between the teeth, and bacteria on the surface affect the bone and dental papilla. After some time, it leads to degradation of the bone and withdrawal of the gingiva. Soft plaque (dental plaque) is formed on the surface of the teeth at night espacially in the cervical part of the tooth.  In case of failure to maintain oral hygiene, dental tartar is created which can not be removed with a toothbrush, but you have to visit a dentist.

Dental tartar removal treatment can effectively be done in our dental clinic using ultrasound method. The removal procedure is done in one treatment and lasts 30 to 40 minutes. Regular usage of oral care hygiene products, such as dental floss and cleaning products reduces possibility of its formation, with check-ups at the dentist’s twice a year.

Dental fissure watering

Dental  fissure wateringDental fissure watering is usually done in children, but also adults with  pronounced lumps on biting surfaces of molars and premolars.  
Anatomic dental shape, e.g fissure is convenient for collection and retention of food and thus suitable place for formation of caries. Due to inaccessibility of a toothbrush and impossibility of adequate cleaning, this leads to retention of food and formation of caries. In order to avoid retention of food and easily clean these inaccessible areas with special materials in dental clinic, filling of undercut places suitable for formation of caries is done. This method is called fissure watering.

Upon the dental fissure watering treatment, maintenace of oral hygiene and regular visit to the dentist, significantly reduce the risk of formation of caries, even 70%.


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