Plasma  enriched with platelets

Plasma enriched with platelets

PRF is a blood fraction enriched with platelets and leucocytes, represents a second generation of growth factors resources. PRF is obtained by blood centrifuging in test tubes with no added aditives. PRF is clear final product containing exclusively fibrin obtained from patient’s blood.

Blood cells contained in PRF enriched with growth factors. In activation process, growth factors come out of blood cells (platelets) and stimulates in first place angiogenesis e.g. creation of new blood vessels, as well as the growth of a new bone in bone defects. Consequently a defect has improved circulation thereby improving regeneration. Growth factors also stimulate bone growth in defects when periodontal intrevention is in question thereby additionally contributing to more effective treatment.

PRF is used in:

• Augmentation of bone ridge in the jaw (preparation for placement of implants),
• Periodontal intervention (flap surgery),
• During the treatment of gingival recession (gum withdrawal) –  PRF’s membrane is used to cover naked cervix and eliminate defects,
• During tooth extraction – PRF is inserted into defects in order to reduce bone mass loss.

PRF is a painless method because exclusively one part of patient’s blood is returned to a defect without any other additives.


PRF is a short term for "platelet-rich fibrin" meaning "fibrin enriched with platelets". These products are obtained from patient’s blood and are primarily used in oral and aesthetic surgery.

In recent years, in advanced dental interventions fibrin has been used due to better bone and soft tissue healing, and therefore srves as an ideal preparation for surgical interventions before the placement of implants.

What is it actually about?

We believe that you have more than once faced the fact that only we can help ourselves the best. Our body has a natural ability of self-healing. PRF method through attraction of stem cells from the body renews tissues. The process begins with taking blood from a patient, which through coagulation process by centrifugation is further separated. What is important is that the process is really fast (12 minutes), painless and simple.

By separation of blood from red blood cells we obtain plasma and fibrin which later are used as biological autotransplantat, e.g. upon tooth extraction in the same place we place fibrin and plasma used for speeding up the healing treatment, therefore speeding up the process of accepting the implants and the process of placing implants is faster and safer and most of all painless. PRF is clear and final product, contains exclusively fibrin and plasma obtained from patient’s blood.

During the activation process, growth factors come out of blood cells (platelets) and stimulate in first place angiogenesis, e.g. creation of new blood vessels and the growth of a new bone in bone defects. Consequences are better tissue nutrition with oxygen, thereby improving regeneration. PRF is completely painless method because exclusively patient’s blood is used with no other additives. Results are really extraordinary.

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