Titanium restorationsTitanium restorations are certainly the best solution if you decide to have new teeth on a metal basis done. What makes titanium unique and inviolable material for dental restorations, especially crowns and bridges, are its excellent features.

Making of crowns with titanium basis is based on CAD /CAM technology which ensures additional confidence in quality and compactness of the metal basis itslef which is computer processed.

No allergic reaction

Allergy to foreign bodies (metals) is 30 % common in adults. Regard to TITANANIUM, from bone operation to placement of dental implants,  there have not been recorded any allergic reactions for decades.

Neutral and perfect defense

Titanium is so called neutral metal, which on the surface forms one of the most resistant oxides. It protects a crown or bridge from damage in salt or acidic environment, and agressive bodily fluids. In order to avoid emission of metal ions ocurring in standard metals and that can affect the body, TITAN is used, proven material, biocompatible for human body.

X-ray transparency

Titan leaks X-rays, so it is the only material that in early and confident diagnosis of caries when imaging teeth, dental crown or bridgde should not be removed. Therefore it saves time and most importantly, dental substance, which is removed when removing a crown, is saved. Comfort, high strength, neutral taste and easiness of a feather equate with features of GOLD and its alloys!

Titan is extraordinary solid. When metal-ceramic bridge is compared to titan-ceramic bridge, it is possible to notice that titan bridge is a lot easier. Besides that,  titan has neutral taste, e.g a patient doesn’t have metal taste in the mouth which can happen with metal-ceramic crowns and bridges.

Top aesthetics

A layer of top ceramics is applied on titanium, which enables patients maximum easthetic pleasure.

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