How to achieve the perfect look on your face with the PRP treatment (Vampire treatment)?

Vampire treatmentWomen always tend to look fresh, neat and nice. Women are more aware of the fact that nowadays a pleasant appearance opens many doors, both in the private and business life. When a woman is satisfied with herself and her appearance somehow everything goes smoothly for her.  However, it is not so easy and simple to maintain freshness and beauty year after year. Nevertheless, with PRP treatment, it is now possible. Many celebrities and public figures have recently discovered this treatment and they are using it more often as a tool that helps them to be more successful in their work and everyday environment.

Have you ever heard of PRP treatment? Perhaps it is familiar for you under the name of "vampire facelift treatment"? Not so sonorous title, yet incredibly powerful effects. The most famous actresses and other celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez managed to overcome all their imperfections with the help of this special treatment using their own blood plasma. Do they really have to deal with the imperfections? Of course they do, like all the other women. The most attractive women in Hollywood, for example, also have problems with dark circles, wrinkles, freckles, scars and droopy or lifeless skin. And you surely know how much they invest in their appearance. The rapid pace of modern life, stress, unhealthy diets, free radicals and external factors of increasingly polluted environment inevitably leave their mark on our skin. What should we do?

Vampire treatment is definitely a great solution. Especially for those who are quite afraid of surgical procedures, postoperative scars and consequences, and certainly for those who do not have sufficient funds for these types of corrections. By choosing this treatment, you can change your imperfections to something perfect. You can fill gaps in your nose, increase your lips, refresh the face, fill your wrinkles, improve hair growth (more frequent procedure with men’s hair is also possible) and you can solve the problem of obvious dark circles. All of these are done quickly, easily and painlessly. How is it performed? Your blood has been injected under your skin – and, of course, the blood of highest quality is used – segments with platelets, stem cells and growth factors. Aesthetic medicine finds different methods for solving problems of the skin while searching for the elixir of youth. Although the vampire treatment has been used successfully in physical medicine, rehabilitation and implant dentistry for decades, it has been included in anti-aging procedures only for the last few years. However, it has achieved remarkable popularity in a short period of time because it encourages natural processes in the body that are responsible for the skin revitalization.

Use the power of your own blood

Why is the blood plasma a treasure trove for everything that is useful? Isolated platelets in your blood contain numerous growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen. In this way, new blood vessels are created and extracellular space whose main ingredient is hyaluronic acid is increased. Thanks to your own blood you will solve the various irregularities on your face and body. It is important to highlight that allergic and immune reactions are almost impossible because you use your own blood that encourages cells to build young skin tissue. After the treatment you can go back to your daily activities because the possible redness is temporary. Become a prettier version of ourselves in our office. Restore the lost exuberance and vigor in a simple and natural way..