Why choose us

Selection of a dentist you can trust can be frustrating. Our experience says that a large number of patients choose their dentist remaining deprived from responses to lots of questions regard to treatments and techniques.

For that reason our approach is different.

Having in mind that any dental treatment is one experience, in most cases traumatic for patients, it is necesarry for a dentist to have an individual and professional approach to every patient, and combining health care, high quality service and favourable rate for services needed to be provided.

There are lots of dental clinics providing dental services, but why  choose us? We created a page for you where you can find frequently asked questions of patients deciding to have dental services provided abroad. If you wish to find out more, or have a specific question, you can contact us any time.We will respond to your request as soon as possible and fix all your doubts and explain  treatments and procedures we provide in our clinic.

Here are some of the key reasons to choose services in our clinic:


The clinic was established in 1984, has a long tradition which is very important in identifying problems and quality. The key factor is experience we have, because very often it can be cricual in approach and resolving the most difficult cases in dentistry.  
From the very beginning, we constantly improve our techniques with new technologies in dentistry and the time we live in. This way we are able to offer the most modern and high quality solutions in treatment plans.

Experince followed by a constant improvement and application of modern technology is the key to being successful.

Dedicated to patients

The main goal of our clinic is a happy and certainly a patient with a beautiful smile. Team of experts in our clinic will always make sure to respond to patients’ requests.
Usually a visit to the dentist is considered unpleasant, requires consultation and a professional approach in resolving problems. Individual approach is certainly common in our clinic.
Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions including aesthetics, quality and financial aspect.

Team work

The clinic brings together experienced dentist who work in very specialized areas in healing treatments and production of  dental restorations.  The main support to our dentists is a close cooperation between our clinic and a modern lab, which is a key to success.
Production method and each individual case is different which gives additional motivation our team to prove that every case can be accurately and adequatelly resolved and respond to patients’s requests and desires.
Team work is very important, because this is the only way to overcome the existing problems in treatments and future production of dental restorations which guarantees a quality of a final product.

Confidence in produced dental restorations

Quality assurance and success in production of dental restorations depend primarily on qualification of dental technicians to appropriately handle materials and appliances used in production. Using high quality materials and constant improvement in the country and abroad is an important pre-condition that produced restorations will be of the same quality for a very long time. For that reason our dedication is exclusively based on high quality materials made by foreign manufacturers, as well as application of the latest technical solutions in lab practice, and one of them is computer production and design using (CAD/CAM) technology.


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