Zircon ceramicsZircon ceramics is made with zirconium oxide (ZrO2,) a material which has been increasingly used in recent years in the production of dental restorations due to its mechanical features comparable to the hardest metals. It is used in dentistry and other medical branches due to weak thermal conductivity, biocompatibility and great transparency.

Before dental restorations  made of metal basis were 95% of prosthetic solutions. Today is totally different. Unexpectidely fast, great percentage of metal ceramics restorations replaced restorations metal-free zirconium basis. In state-of-the-art dentistry, by using defferent metal-free ceramic systems it is possible to make high quality restorations of high aesthetic value, which gives us practical possibility to apply zirconium ceramics in frontal and side area.

The production of dental restorations made of zirconium oxide that we apply in cooperation with our dental labs is based on the most modern CAD/CAM technology, including jaw scanning, computer design and mechanical processing. Benefits of this production method are dental restorations of high quality, maximum precision and reduced time of production.

Colour that can be accomplished using this method is the closest to the colour of natural teeth having high transparency, warmth and aesthetics, and strong white teeth known as  (hollywood smile) which is today’s trend in dentistry. Using these materials and technologies, easthetic dentistry  has been experiencing a significant evolution in the last ten yeras. Guided by this trend today, we enabled our patients to have all restorations done in one place, in our clinic.


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